About the Department

About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry home page. The Department of Chemistry is one of the founding Departments of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria. It is the largest Department in the Faculty of Science with current staff strength of eleven professors and over twenty five other PhD Faculties in different branches of Chemistry, viz, Organic, Physical, Inorganic, Analytical and Applied/Industrial Chemistry options.  The Department is committed to excellent teaching and research at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Our curriculum continues to adapt to the current developments in the vast world of chemistry and we strive to groom students who are seasoned enough to fit into a globally competitive work environment.

The Department is located in the Physical Sciences Building popularly called White House and has made significant contribution in the nation over its 60 year history. The Department has a proud yearly publication output of over 60 peer-reviewed scientific Journal articles across the different branches of Chemistry. As part of our research collaborative efforts the Department is currently involved in building linkages with a number of Universities around the world. Presently, our student population is over 400 hundred at undergraduate levels and over 50 at postgraduate level.

Our mission is to promote collaborative research efforts for the advancement of knowledge and to empower our graduates to be self reliant and productive in their life endeavours.

Our vision is to be a top rated Department to be reckoned with globally and a true meeting point for town and gown; using our scientific capacity to meet societal challenges by providing solutions to economic and social cultural problems.

We run a well-structured advisory system for our students across all levels. This has enabled us to give the necessary support and advice to our students over the years.

No doubt the department has been hit by the national economic meltdown and quite a number of essential tools to make the teaching, demonstrating and learning of chemistry a whole lot better are no longer available. To this end, we remain open to all forms of collaboration and support from parents, well-wishers and Alumni towards building a vibrant and world-class department.