Akinsehinwa Akinlua

Akinsehinwa Akinlua


Rank: Professor

Office: Room 123 (Floor, White house), Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.

Email: aakinlua@oauife.edu.ng

OAU Scholar link: http://scholar.oauife.edu.ng/aakinlua/


Akinsehinwa Akinlua is a Professor of Organic Geochemistry. He obtained his B.Sc from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, and his M.Sc and PhD from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. He joined the services of the Chemistry Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in 1996. Prof. Akinsehinwa’s research has always been focused on petroleum exploration implication of organic molecules and organically bound trace elements in sedimentary organic matter. He has worked extensively on organic geochemistry of Niger Delta, inland basins in Nigeria and South African sedimentary basins. He is also engaged in development of green analytical protocols applicable in geochemical exploration for oil. His current is research is the geochemistry of diamondoids and NSO compounds. He is a recipient of numerous awards, these include Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) postdoctoral   internship award, South and East African Network of Analytical Chemists (SEANAC) Fellowship through the support of the International Program in Chemical Sciences (IPICS), The Royal Society International Incoming Short Visit Research Grant, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Fellowship for University Academics and Scientists, National Research Foundation (NRF) travel grant, Royal Society-Commonwealth Science Conference Award among others. He is a reviewer for many reputable international journals

Area of Specialization / Research Interest: Organic Geochemistry

Selected Publications:

Akinlua, A., Jochmann, M. A. Qian, Y., Sulkowski, M. and Schmidt, T. C. (2012). Factors controlling leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum source rock using nonionic surfactant. Chromatographia, 75, 213-221.

Adekola, S. A., Akinlua, A., Mangelsdorf, K. (2012). Organic geochemical evaluation of Cretaceous shale samples from the Orange Basin, South Africa, Applied Geochemistry, 27, 1633–1642.

Adekola, S. A., Akinlua, A. (2013). Petrography and stable isotope geochemistry of Cretaceous sandstones, Orange Basin, South Africa. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology, 3, 69-83.

Akinlua, A., Torto, N., McCrindle, R. I. (2013). A new approach of sample preparation for the determination of trace metals in petroleum source rocks. Analytical Methods, 5, 4929-4934.

Akinlua, A., Sigedle, A., Buthelezi, T., Fadipe, O. A. (2015). Trace element geochemistry of crude oils and condensates from South African Basins. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 59, 286-293.

Akinlua, A., Jochmann, M. A., Schmidt, T. C. (2015). Microwave-assisted ionic liquid extraction of n-alkanes and isoprenoid hydrocarbons from petroleum source rock. Chromtographia 78, 1201 – 1209.

Akinlua, A., Jochmann, M. A., Schmidt, T. C. (2015).Ionic liquid as green solvent for leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum source rock. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 54, 12960–12965.

Akinlua, A., Ngola, A., Fadipe, O. A., Adekola, S.A. (2016). Petrography and geochemistry of sandstone samples of Vischkuil Formation, Karoo supergroup, South Africa. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 6,159-167.

Omotoye S. J.,  Adekola S. A.,  Adepoju A.,  Akinlua A. (2016). Thermal maturity assessment and characterization of selected oil samples from the Niger Delta, Nigeria. Energy and Fuels 30, 104–111.

Akinlua, A., Olise, F. S., Akomolafe, A. O., McCrindle, R. I. (2016). Rare earth element geochemistry of petroleum source rocks from northwestern Niger Delta. Marine and Petroleum Geology 77, 409-417.