ADEBIYI, Festus Mayowa,

ADEBIYI, Festus Mayowa,


Rank: Professor

Office: Room 105A; Floor 1; White house, Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.


Area of Specialization/Research Interest: Analytical/Environmental and Petroleum Chemistry


Festus M. Adebiyi holds a BTech Degree from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria; MSc, PhD (Chemistry) and MBA Degrees from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He is a Professor of Analytical/Environmental and Petroleum Chemistry with 18 years of teaching and research experiences at the OAU, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He was also a visiting Don to Westley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, Nigeria; a Research Fellow at the University of Bangor, Bangor, UK, and The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. He has completed supervision of crops of Masters and PhD Degree research students. Up to date, he presently has 86 publications in peer reviewed journals which reflect his research interest in the aforementioned areas of specialization. He has also served in many administrative positions in his institution including the Vice Dean of Faculty of Science, OAU. He has also obtained prestigious overseas Commonwealth Research Fellowship, UK and Wolfson Foundation Research Fellowship, UK. He has acquired International Grant (TWAS-COSMTECH Research Grant for Individual Scientist) and attained 2nd best position of Dapo Afolabi Most Productive Science Scholar. He has been a Guest Lecturer/Speaker in many academic and public fora. He serves as a Reviewer for many national and international scholarly Journals; an Internal Examiner to some Departments/Institutes in his institution and an External Examiner to some higher institutions in Nigeria. He is one of the Top 500 Authors, by Scholarly Output in Nigeria as recognized by Scival. Apart from academic experience, he also possesses substantial industrial experience. He is a Consultant to some Oil and Gas Companies, Petroleum support firms and a Resource Officer to Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria. Professor Festus M. Adebiyi is a member of professional bodies including Chemical Society of Nigeria (MCSN); Nigerian Society for Environmental Management (MNISEM); Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (MRSC); Commonwealth Scholar and Fellow Association, UK (MCSFA); Society of Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria (MSoTLAN); Special Professional Member, Institute of Public Analyst of Nigeria (MIPAN) and Fellow, Institute of Policy Management Development (FIPMD).


Some recent publications:

  1. Ore, T.O and Adebiyi, F.M (2021): A review on current trends and prospects in the pyrolysis of heavy oils. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production, DOI:
  2. Joshua, H.O; Asubiojo, O.I; Oluwole, F.O and Adebiyi, F.M (2021). Measurement and Dispersion Modelling of Vehicular Emission Pollutants along Highway for Sustainable Environmental Quality, Environmental Forensic, DOI:
  3. Adebiyi, F.M; Ore, O.T; Adeola, A.O; Durodola, S.S; Akeremale, O.F; Olubodun, K.O and Akeremale, O.K (2021): Occurrence and remediation of naturally occurring radioactive materials in Nigeria: a review, Environmental Chemistry Letter,, 1-20
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  6. Godswill E. Akhigbe, Festus Adebiyi and N. Torimiro (2020). The impact of used transformer oil on the physicochemical characteristics and persistent organic pollutant levels in soils around transformer installation areas, Soil and Environment, 39(2): 173-183, DOI:10.25252/SE/2020/162338
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