Dr. Kehinde .N. AWOKOYA

Dr. Kehinde .N. AWOKOYA

Lecturer I

Rank:  Lecturer I

Office: Room 101 (First Floor, White house), Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.

Email: knawokoya@gmail.com, knawokoya@oauife.edu.ng


  • Education: Sc (Hons)(Ogun), M.Sc (Ibadan), Ph.D (Rhodes, South Africa)

Area of Specialization / Research Interest: My background is in Industrial Chemistry.

My research interest lie:

  • In the field of molecular recognition, and in particular the development of artificial recognition elements. Towards this end I use a technique known as Molecular Imprinting.
  • In developing imprinted polymers to target specific organic and inorganic pollutants in aqueous and organic media.
  • In developing imprinted nanomaterials by electrospinning technique for application as screening tools in molecular diagnostics.
  • In synthesizing monomer-modified biosorbents through Graft Copolymerization of sorbent materials, in the presence of initiators such as Fenton reagent, KMnO4, for application in adsorbing toxic organic materials from waste waters and industrial waste waters mimics.
  • Modification of starches to enhance their performance in different applications.


Selected Publications:

  • Awokoya, K.N, Sanusi, R.O, Oninla, V.O and Ajibade, O.M. (2016). Activated periwinkle shells for the binding and recognition of heavy metal ions from aqueous media. International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry 13: 1-10. Delaware, USA.
  • Moronkola, B.A, Giwa-Ajeniya, A.O, Alegbe, M.J, Eshilokun, A.O, Awokoya, K.N and Okoh, O.O. (2016). The adsorption of divalent metal ions from aqueous media using unmodified orange peel (Musa sapientum) as adsorbent. Journal of Organic and Inorganic chemistry 2:1-10. London, UK.
  • Awokoya, K.N, Tshentu, Z and Torto, N. (2015): Fabrication and evaluation of multiple template crosslinked molecularly imprinted electrospun nanofibers for selective extraction of nickel and vanadyl tetraphenylporphyrin from organic media. African Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry 9: 223-239.
  • Aikpokpodion, P.E, Awokoya, N, Osobamiro, T and Omotoso, S.M. (2015): Magnesium adsorption in selected cocoa growing soils within southwestern Nigeria. International Journal of Plant and Soil Science 5: 64-73. Delaware, USA.
  • Awokoya, K.N, Morokonla, B.A, Chigome, S, Ondigo, D.A, Tshentu, Z and Torto, N. (2013): Molecularly imprinted electrospun nanofibers for adsorption of nickel-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphine (NTPP) in organic media. Journal of Polymer Research 20: 148. Springer, Germany.
  • Awokoya, K.N, Batlokwa, B.S, Morokonla, B.A, Chigome, S, Ondigo, D.A, Tshentu, Z and Torto, N (2013): Development of a styrene based molecularly imprinted polymer and its molecular recognition properties of vanadyl tetraphenylporphyrin in organic media. International Journal of Polymeric and Biopolymeric Materials 63: 107 -113.
  • Lawal, O.S, Ogundiran, O.O, Awokoya, KN and Ogunkunle, A.O (2008): The low-substituted propylene oxide etherified plantain (Musa paradisiacal normalis) starch: Characterization and functional parameters. Carbohydrate Polymers 74:717-724. Elsevier, Netherlands.