OGUNKUNLE, Olaoluwa Ayobami, PhD.

OGUNKUNLE, Olaoluwa Ayobami, PhD.

Senior Lecturer

Rank: Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

Office: Room 210 (Second Floor, White house), Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.

Email: skippoluv@yahoo.com


Olaoluwa Ogunkunle is a triple degree holder of University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, where he obtained a B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry (1990), M.Sc Inorganic Chemistry (1993) and a PhD Industrial Chemistry (2008).

Dr. Ogunkunle has been an exemplary role model to students, an attribute that has earned him been appointed a Hall Fellow for fourteen consecutive years at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (Angola Hall – 1998-2004, Fajuyi Hall – 2004-2008 and Awolowo Hall – 2008-2011). He has also served as a member of the Obafemi Awolowo University senate from 2008 till date. Dr. Ogunkunle is a member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria and has been a member of staff of the Chemistry Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, since 1995.

Area of Specialisation / Research Interest:

Green Chemistry: Utilizing some industrial and agricultural wastes especially in the production of particle boards and their additives and in addition in the formulation of various polymeric composites.

Selected Publications:

  • Ebisike, K., Ayejuyo, O.O., Sonibare, J.A., Ogunkunle, O.A. and Ojumu, T.V. (2004) “Pollution Impact of Cigarette Consumption on Indoor Air Quality in Nigeria”. Journal of Applied Sciences 4 (4):623-629.
  • Ojumu, T.V. and Ogunkunle, O.A. (2005) “Production of Glucose from Lignocellulosic under Extremely Low Acid and High Temperature in Batch Process, Auto-hydrolysis Approach” Journal of Applied Sciences, 5: 15-17.


  • Ogunfowokan, A.O., Durosinmi L.M., Ogunkunle, O.A., Oyekunle J.A.O. and Igbafe I.T. (2007) “Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste Waters using local Alum and other uncommon coagulants”. Journal of Applied Sciences 7: 1416-
  • Ogunfowokan, A.O., Durosinmi L.M., Ogunkunle, O.A., Oyekunle J.A.O. and Igbafe I.T. (2007) “Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste Waters using local Alum and other Conventional Coagulants- A comparative study”. Ife Journal of Science, 9: 185-190.
  • Olayide S. Lawal, Olusegun O. Ogundiran, K. Awokoya, andO. Ogunkunle (2008) “The low-substituted propylene oxide etherified plantain (Musa paradisiaca normalis) starch: Characterization and functional parameters” Carbohydrate Polymers, ………….
  • Ayenimo, J.G., Yusuf, A.M., Doherty, W.O., Ogunkunle, O.A. (2010). Iron, Lead and Nickel in selected consumer products in Nigeria: A potential Public health concern. Journal of Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, 92 (1), 51-59.
  • Dosunmu O.O., Oluwaniyi O.O., Ogunkunle O.A., and Awolola V.G. (2010). Toxicity Assessment of some Tea Labels from supermarkets in Ilorin, Nigeria using Brine shrimps (Atemia salina) Lethality Assay. African Journal of Food Science, 4 (5) ……………….
  • Afolabi, T.A., Ogbuneke, C.C., Ogunkunle, O.A. and Bamiro, F.O. (2012) Comparative Assessment of the Portable Quality of Water from Water from Industrial, Urban and Rural Parts of Lagos, Nigeria. Ife Journal of Science, 14 (2) ……………….
  • Lawal, O. S., Rabiu, O.O, Sanni, A. R., Ogunkunle, O. A., and  Adebowale, K. O. (2012) “The removal of lead (II) ion from aqueous solutions with black walnut (Jujlan nigra) seed husk”. Ife Journal of Science (In Press).
  • Lawal, O. S., Ogunkunle A., Afolabi, T. A. and Nishinari, K. (2012) “The effects of lyotropic series salts on the functional properties of protein isolate prepared from bambara groundnut”. Ife Journal of Science (In Press).
  • Ogunkunle, O. A., Olayoriju, S. L. and Olajide, S. (2012) “Effect of Calcereous cow horn and storage on the physicochemical properties of cement bonded particleboards from Groundnut Hulls”. Journal of Chemistry (In Press).