Temitayo Olufunmilayo AIYELABOLA, PhD.

Rank: Lecturer I, Department of Chemistry
Office: Room 237 (Second Floor, White house), Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.
Email: tt1haye@yahoo.com
Scholar link: http://scholar.oauife.edu.ng/tt1haye/

Temitayo Aiyelabola holds B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc degrees in Chemistry from the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. She also has to her credit a PhD in the area of Inorganic Chemistry from Obafemi Awolowo Univerity, Ile-Ife (2012). Dr. Aiyelabola joined the services of the Chemistry Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in 2008.
Area of Specialisation / Research Interest:
Dr. Aiyelabola’s research thrust is in the area of Inorganic Chemistry and some of her present focus revolves around:
Design, syntheses, characterization and resolution of coordination compounds of biologically important molecules such as amino acids as potential anti-microbial and -cancer agents. Differing activities of enantiomers of racemic compounds at times with toxicity, necessitates their purification to obtain enantiomerically pure compounds.
Syntheses of phosphonic acid analogues of amino acids. The tetrahedral configuration of phosphorus enables aminophosphonic acids to mimic the unstable tetrahedral carbon intermediates formed in enzyme-mediated peptide bond cleavage and they may act as enzyme inhibitors. Consequently they have found usage as potent anti-cancer agents.

Selected Publications:
(i) Ukweze, A.C., Aiyelabola T.O. and Emokpae, T.A. (2002), Cobalt(II) Complexes of Histidine”. International Journal of Chemistry, 12, 2, 86-89
(ii) Aiyelabola, T., Ojo, I. and Akinkunm,i O., (2012) “Structural and Antimicrobial Studies of Coordination Compounds of Phenylalanine and Glycine”. International Journal of Chemistry, 4, 49-59
(iii) Aiyelabola, T., Ojo, I., Adebajo, A., Ogunlusi, G., Oyetunji, O., Akinkunmi, E. and Adeoye, A. (2012) “Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities of some Metal(II) Amino Acids’ Complexes”. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 2, 268-273.