Olawale Folorunso Akinyele, PhD.

Rank: Lecturer I
Office: Room 211C (2nd Floor, White house), Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.
Email: ofakins@yahoo.com/ofakinyele@oauife.edu.ng
OAU Scholar link:

Area of Specialization / Research Interest:

Selected Publications:
(i) Akinyele, O. F. Odiaka, T. I. and Adejoro, I. A. (2016). Molecular Simulation of Tricarbonyl(1-4-η-5-exo-N-X,X-dimethylpyridino-cyclohexa-1,3-diene)Iron Complexes:- A Semi Empirical PM6 Approach. American Chemical Science Journal. 16(4): 1-8.

(ii) Adejoro, I. A. Ojo F. K. and Akinyele. O. F. (2016). Theoretical Studies on the Efficiencies of Some Triazolopyrimidine Derivatives as Corrosion Inhibitors of Mild Steel in Acidic Medium Using AM1 and DFT Approach. International Research Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry. 12(4): 1-9.

(iii) Olasomi,O. E. Akinyele, O. F. Akinkunmi, E. O.D. Isabirye, D. A. and Aiyelabola, T. O. (2017). Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Studies of Coodination Compounds of L-Serine and their Mixed Ligand Complexes with Aspartic Acid. Asian Journal of Chemistry. Vol. 29(2), 371-374.

(iv) Ajayeoba, T. A., Akinyele, O. F. and Oluwole, A. O. (2017) Synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial studies of mixed nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes of aroylhydrazones with 2,21-bipyridine and 1,10-phenanthroline. Ife Journal of Science, 19(1): 119-132.