Dr. Balogun Olaoye Solomon

Rank: Lecturer I
Office: Room 32, First Floor, White house, Department of Chemistry, OAU, Ile-Ife.
Email: balogunolaoye@oauife.edu.ng, solomonoye@gmail.com
OAU Scholar link:

Academic Qualifications
(a) B. Sc (Chemistry), University of Ilorin, Nigeria 2001
(b) M. Sc. (Analytical Chemistry), University of Ibadan, Nigeria 2005
(c) Ph. D (Organic Chemistry), University of Ibadan, Nigeria 2014

Awards with Dates:
Samuel Adedoyin Scholarship, University of Ilorin, Kwara State . 1999
TWAS-CAS Postgraduate Fellowship, Changchun, China. 2010
Biovision Next 2013 Fellowship, Lyon, France. 2013
Travel grant: Academy of Science of South Africa 2015
PIFI award as Visiting Scholar to a CAS Institute, China 2016

Area of Specialization / Research Interest:
Isolation and synthesis of natural products, plant metabolomics, chemical ecology, herbal medicine, including nanotised herbal drug

Selected Publications:
Oladosu, A. I.; Balogun, O. S. and Ademowo, G. O. (2013): Phytochemical screening, antimalarial and histopathological studies of Allophylus africanus and Tragia benthamii. Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines 11(4): 0371-0376.
Oladosu, A. I.; Balogun, O. S. and Liu, Z. (2015): Chemical Constituents of Allophylus Africanus. Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines 13(2): 0133-0141.
Balogun O.S., Oladosu I.A. and Z. Liu (2016). Chemical compositions and radical scavenging potentials of essential oils from Tragia benthamii (Baker) and Cissus aralioides (Welw). Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature 6(1): 59-64. I
Abdulkabir O.O., Aliyu M.B., Ogundajo A.L., Babatunde O., Adeniran O.I. and Balogun O.S. (2016). Identification and comparison of the volatile constituents of fresh and dried leaves of Spondias mombin found in North-central Nigeria: in vitro evaluation of their cytotoxic and antioxidant activities. Pharmaceutical Biology, 54(11), 2674-2678.
Balogun O.S., Oladosu I.A. and Zhiqiang L. (2016) Fatty Acid Profile and in Vitro Biological Activities of Allophylus africanus (P. Beauv), Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants, 22(3): 238-246.
Balogun O.S, Ajayi O.S., Lawal O.S. (2016): Isolation and cytotoxic investigation of flacourtin from Oncoba spinosa. Medicine 3, 31: 1-4. doi:10.3390/medicines3040031
Balogun O.S., Ajayi O.S. and Agberotimi B.J. (2016). A cytotoxic Indole Alkaloid from Alstonia boonie. Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature 6 (4): 347-351. I
Balogun, O.S., Olukayode Solomon Ajayi & Ayansola John Adeleke (2017): Hexahydrofarnesyl Acetone-Rich Extractives from Hildegardia barteri, Journal of Herbs,Spices & Medicinal Plants, DOI: 10.1080/10496475.2017.1350614
Balogun, O.S., Fadare R.Y., Fadare O.A., Akinpelu D.A. and Obafemi C.A. (2017). Chemical composition and In-vitro antibacterial activity of the essential oil of Nigerian Moringa oleifera Lam. Flowers. European Journal of Medicinal Plants 18 (1): 1-9.